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Won't Take It From You - Ryder Green
I Love My Baby - Ryder Green
Halfway to Atlanta - Ryder Green
Lyin' Lyin' Lyin' - Ryder Green
Melt Away My Blues - Ryder Green

What the fans say.....

“Just saw them & they put on one hell of a show!”  — T.H.S.  


“You should check this guy out if you get a chance. Saw him open for Shemekia Copeland at Powerhouse Pub. Rocked the joint!” — M. M.


“You’re a very tasteful player…great techniques, phrasing, soulful, dynamic, etc…all the bases covered.” —S.P.

“You guys put together such a tight show yesterday. I loved the new songs with such a variety of feels. ...I can’t wait to see where you all take this next!!!” —M.L.

“Smokin’!” — M. W.

“Your amazing talent just took me to my happy place, and all is well in my Soul…Thank you!!” — B.B.

"Ryder, your tone and your phrasing are outstanding." — R.H.

“There’s the future.”— M. W.


“Totally awesome show.” — L. G.


“We like your style man!” — R. K.


“Remember the name. Ryder Green Band.” — R. S.


“You guys killed it!” — D. F.


“Tasty! — M. M.

“...OUTSIDE y’all...” nasty and tasty toast required. Even the most vicious snarl can’t do justice to those wicked bends and beautifully executed melodic dissonance resolutions.”

"...boy can that boy play!  And sing...and write!  I really knew I was hooked when I found I couldn't wait to get home the next night after work and put that CD on again!   But don't try to ask for it back!  And thank you, Ryder, for being the creative musical artist you obviously are!  Do keep that music coming!"

— G. B. 

“Ryder Green captivated the Empress audience last night with his virtuoso guitar and blistering renditions of blues-infused rock.” — G. C.


“It will be a great show. Ryder is worth the price of admission. These guys are awesome!  Go check them out. You won't be sorry.”  — J. R.



“Ryder Green is crazy good.” — E.T.W.


“Mega player” — B.G.


“Some great stuff love the bends and the feelings expressed in bluesy lead that’s the stuff it will work…thumbs up” — J.S.


“Yes! Awesome blues guitarist!” — J.I.


“Hells yeah Ryder!” —6stringshowdown


“Ryder Green and his band shook the Powerhouse last Sunday with some powerful blues and blues/rock sounds, with special guest Mick Martin sitting in for a few songs.” —B.P.


“Fantastic show!! Hope you come back soon!” — B.F.


“Saw you perform at the Sacramento RiverFest Seafood Festival…..and I thought you and your original songs were outstanding! I will look into purchasing you music. Thank you for being so darn good and entertaining all of us!” — C.T.

"Dedicated player on his way to the on man." M.D.



From blistering renditions of blues-infused rock and funk to sublime vintage blues, R&B, slide, rock ‘n roll, and everything in between, Ryder Green brings a dynamic mix of firepower and grit, effortlessly intertwined with melodic engaging songs, and straight-from-the-soul improvisation. His distinctive tone, infectious original songs and vocals, and attention-grabbing covers ignite crowds of all ages.

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